We catalyse collaboration between leading brands in healthcare and the most exciting tech companies

Our partners are Bupa, Cleveland Clinic, Becton Dickinson, IBM, ICON, ResMed, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Linde Healthcare, Novartis, Partners HealthCare, Silicon Valley Bank, EY, SoftServe and Hermitage Medical Clinic.

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Healthcare problems are not solved in isolation

Innovate through collaboration

Catalyse collaboration between leading brands and the most promising tech innovators. 


Engage all stakeholders

Active engagement with clinicians, patients and global industry players on common business challenges. 

Scale globally

Source ground breaking innovation via a unique global network of digital health thought leaders. 

What healthcare innovators say about HealthXL

The intellect and the thought process HealthXL go through to help us build the three moonshots, to me, was just amazing.

Bill Taranto, President, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

The ideas are coming, we’re collaborating and we’re learning about each others capabilities.

Gary Fingerhut , Executive Director - Innovations, Cleveland Clinic

HealthXL has brought together a group of people that really have a tremendous impact on the healthcare system.

JC Simbana, VP - Life Sciences & Digital Health, Silicon Valley Bank

For companies looking to grow their business globally through meaningful partnerships, HealthXL can help deliver them at an accelerated rate.

Joe Cufari, Partnerships at Lark

For real innovation to happen throughout the care path, you need all the major stakeholders to work together and actively engage in moving the needle from what’s possible today. HealthXL have developed a platform that can deliver these mutually beneficial end-to-end outcomes.

Norrie Daroga, CEO of Geppetto Avatars

As a company that offers end to end solutions driving clinical outcomes, WellDoc often has to navigate complex environments with multiple stakeholders. HealthXL helps catalyse the journey by aligning interests among all parties from an earlier stage thus making the process faster and more effective.

Ryan Sysko, CEO at Welldoc

HealthXL is not just a place where there’s lots of companies pitching at corporates to make a sale, it’s collaborative. They map your focus areas and capture interest from their partners at the very beginning. That means going into the process you know everyone at the table is interested in exploring opportunities, which completely changes the dynamic of the relationship.

Omri Shor, CEO, MediSafe

Join HealthXL, the only independent platform that enables global healthcare leaders to work on collaborative solutions for shared healthcare business challenges